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Calories vegetables very low in energy you can eat them without moderation

WordingAmountK JKcalFamily
Fresh garlic100556133Vegetable
Cooked artichoke100 g7518Vegetable
Asparagus100 g7518Vegetable
Eggplant100 g7518Vegetable
Lawyer100 g581139Vegetable
Batavia100 g10525Vegetable
Cooked chard100 g7117Vegetable
Beetroot100 g15436Vegetable
Broccoli100 g8420Vegetable
Cardon100 g5413Vegetable
Carrot100 g13031Vegetable
Eggplant caviar100 g832199Vegetable
Celery branch100 g4611Vegetable
Celery heart100 g8420Vegetable
Celery root100 g7518Vegetable
Celery remoulade100 g1158277Vegetable
Porcini100 g11728Vegetable
Chervil100 g17642Vegetable
Raw mushroom100 g6315Vegetable
Chanterelle100 g5012Vegetable
Brussels sprouts100 g11728Vegetable
Raw red cabbage100 g9623Vegetable
Green cabbage100 g5914Vegetable
Raw cauliflower100 g8821Vegetable
Turnip cabbage100 g14234Vegetable
Kohlrabi100 g17240Vegetable
Chive100 g10525Vegetable
Lemon100 g10926Vegetable
Pumpkin100 g12530Vegetable
Cucumber100 g4611Vegetable
Squash100 g8821Vegetable
Courgette100 g5413Vegetable
Cress100 g5012Vegetable
Shallot100 g31475Vegetable
Endive100 g174Vegetable
Spinach100 g7117Vegetable
Fennel100 g6716Vegetable
Cooked broad bean100 g24358Vegetable
Home fries100 g1424368Vegetable
Fresh ginger100 g25561Vegetable
Grounded ginger100 g1347322Vegetable
Girolle100 g11728Vegetable
Green bean100 g10024Vegetable
Vegetable gardener100 g28077Vegetable
raw lettuce100 g5012Vegetable
Cooked lettuce100 g4611Vegetable
Dried lentils100 g1317315Vegetable
Vegetable Macedonia100 g30172Vegetable
Chewed up100 g7919Vegetable
Corn (cobs)100 g406109Vegetable
Morel100 g15832Vegetable
Mousseron100 g117101Vegetable
Turnip100 g6315Vegetable
Onion100 g14234Vegetable
Raw sorrel100 g10024Vegetable
Yam100 g422101Vegetable
Fresh parsley100 g11327Vegetable
Dandelion100 g16339Vegetable
Leeks100 g8821Vegetable
Split peas100 g460110Vegetable
Chickpea100 g565135Vegetable
Yellow pepper100 g10525Vegetable
Red bell pepper100 g10926Vegetable
Green pepper100 g6716Vegetable
Potato100 g33981Vegetable
Pumpkin100 g12530Vegetable
Radish100 g6315Vegetable
Black radish100 g23857Vegetable
Salsify100 g14234Vegetable
Sesame seed100 g2359564Vegetable
Tomato100 g7919Vegetable
Truffle100 g38592Vegetable

Source of documentation “the great book of thinness” FIRST Edition

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