Cooking Time

What is the cooking time for my recipe? If you ask yourself this question for each of your achievements, you might as well add this page directly to your favorites

Cooking time is strategic in the kitchen.

Whether you are looking to cook asparagus, Brussels sprouts or any other food, you need to be able to measure the cooking time to make your dishes to perfection. Take inspiration from this page without moderation. I am missing a cooking time contact me. You will also find the barbecue cooking times, which I am updating.

What food are you looking for cooking time?

Barbecue Lamb
Beef Barbecue
Red beets
Swiss chard
B & oelig 
Biscuit & agrave; the spoon
Cannel & eacute; s
Ch & acirc; taignes
Green cabbages
Brussels sprouts
Creme brulee
Green beans
Green beans
Dried beans
Green peas
Split peas

Red beet cooking time

WordingThemecooking timePlaceComment
Lamb cooking time
LambDiscovery coast3 to 5 minutesStovehigh heat
LambNet3 to 5 minutesStovehigh heat
LambLeg25 mn / 500 gFour200°
LambFirst coast5 to 8 minutesStovehigh heat
LambSecond side3 to 5 minutesStovehigh heat
LambGigot From 7 Hours07 hoursFour150°
LambSaddle of lamb30 to 35 minutesFour220°
Andouillette cooking time
AndouilletteBarbecue5 to 7 minuteson a plateRemove the hose
Andouillettewhole7 to 8 minutesStoveHigh heat
Andouillettetrench20 mnFour180°
Andouillettetrench5 mnmicro whereMovies
Artichoke cooking time
ArtichokeArtichokefrom 45 to 60 mnCasserole200°
ArtichokeArtichoke18 mnpressure cookerSteam
ArtichokeArtichoke15 mnpressure cookerimmersion
Purple artichokePurple artichoke15 mncasserolemedium heat
Purple artichokePurple artichoke10 mnpressure cookerlow heat
Asparagus cooking time
AsparagusWhite asparagus17 mncasserolelow heat
AsparagusWhite asparagus15 mnfour220 °
AsparagusWhite asparagus05 mnpressure cooker220 °
AsparagusWhite asparagus10 to 14 minutesmicro whereFilmed
Eggplant cooking time
AubergineAubergine2.30 mnpressure cookersteam
AubergineAubergine20 mnStoveOil
Baeckeoffe cooking time
BaeckeoffeTraditional Baeckeoffe4 to 5 HFour180°
BaeckeoffeVeal Baeckeoffe5 to 6 p.m.Four160°
Banana cooking time
BananaBanana in shell20 mnFour160°
BananaFlaming banana3 0 5 mnStoveHigh heat
Cooking time bar
BarSteam bar30 mn1kg barwithout the head
BarBBQ bar10 mnbarbecueoil a little
BarOven baked bass15 to 18 minutesfourbutter a little
BarPan-fried sea bass3 to 5 minutesStoveper side
Barbecue cooking time Lamb
LambSquare1 to 1 h 15 minTied in a crownWeight 1.3 to 1.8 kg
LambSquare15 to 20 minutesNot tiedWeight 0.400 / 0.700 g
LambRating8 to 10 minutesmedium heatRepos 5 mn
LambLeg40 to 55 minutesBoneless rolled legWeight 1.5 to 1.8 kg
LambLeg30 to 45 minutesBoneless rolled legWeight 1.3 to 1.5 kg
LambMinced meat08 to 10 mnthickness 2 cmRest 5
Beef barbecue cooking time
BeefSkewers4 to 6 minutesDirect high fire2 to 3 cm cubes
BeefBeef ribs20 to 25 minutesdirect high heatThickness 5 to 8 cm
BeefRibs with bone (cross)2 to 2 h 30 minmedium heatWeight 3.500 kg
BeefEntrecôtes12 to 15 minutesdirect high heat3 to 5 cm thick
BeefWhole sirloin50 to 60 minutesMedium heatWeight 1.800 to 2.300 kg
BeefSirloin8 to 10 minutesDirect high fire3 to 4 cm thick
BeefWhole fillet35 to 40 minutesDirect medium fireWeight 1.4 to 1.800 kg
BeefFlank6 to 12 minutesdirect high heat6 to 12 minutes thick
BeefHampes8 to 10 minutesDirect high fireWeight 350 to 450 g
BeefMinced steak8 to 10 minutesDirect high fire2 cm thick
BeefFat slice roast30 à 40 mmDirect medium fireWeight 0.900 / 1.200 kg
Red beet cooking time
BeetrootBeetroot25 mnpressure cookersteam
BeetrootBeetroot120 mnFourin aluminum
Chard cooking time
Bettes côteBettes côte07 mnpressure cookersteam
Spoon Biscuit Baking Time
Spoon cookieWelded cookie05 mnFour210°
Bisque cooking time
BisqueLangoustine bisque30 mnCasseroleMedium heat
BisqueShrimp bisque50 mnCasseroleMedium heat
Wheat cooking time
Corncorn05 mnpressure cookerwhole wheat
Cooking time Beef
BeefBeef with carrots2 h 30 mncast iron casserole dishlow heat
BeefBeef with morels5 to 8 minutes depending on the weightpressure cookermedium heat
BeefBeef Wellington25 mnfour250°
BeefBeef meat ball15 mnFour230°
BeefSkewered beef4 to 8 minutesBarbecueHigh heat
BeefBurgundian2 h 30 mnpressure cookermedium heat
BeefBurgundian2 hours 30cast iron casserolemedium heat
BeefFlemish stew3 to 4 p.m.cast iron casserolelow heat
BeefBeef rib7 a 10 mnBarbecueHigh heat
BeefEntrecote, sirloin steak: blue cooking1 mn 30 à 3 mnstovevery high fire
BeefEntrecote, rib eye steak rare cooking3 mn à 5 mnstovehigh heat
BeefEntrecote, sirloin steak cooked to perfection5 mn to 7 mnstovemedium heat
BeefEntrecote, sirloin steak cooked well7 min and morestovelow heat
BeefOxtail3 to 4 p.m.casseroleVegetables soup
BeefRare roast beef15 mn /500gfour200°
BeefRosbif a point15 to 20 min / 500 gfour200°
BeefCooked roast beef20 to 25 min / 500gfour200°
Broccoli cooking time
BroccoliBroccoli07 mnpressure cookersteam
BroccoliPan-fried broccoli10 mnstovehigh heat
BroccoliBroccoli in water10 mncasseroleimmersion
Brioche baking time
BriocheBrioche25 mnFour180°
BriocheBrioche with pearl sugar25 mnFour180°
BriocheParisian brioche28 mnFour180°
Pike cooking time
PikeShort broth pike10 to 16 minutesFaistoutvery soft fire
PikeFour8 to 10 minutesPaving stone150°
Skewer cooking time
SkewerLamb4 to 8 minutesBarbecueHigh heat
SkewerBeef8 mnBarbecuePer side
SkewerSesame Beef4 to 8 minutesBarbecueHigh heat
SkewerCod20 mnFour200°
SkewerCod with sesame5 to 7 minutesBarbecuehigh heat
SkewerSquid2 to 4 minutesBarbecuehigh heat
SkewerCourgette8 mnBarbecuecook on both sides
SkewerTurkey8 mnBarbecuebrush
SkewerLobster12 to 15 minutesbarbecuehigh heat
SkewerWalnut St. Jacques2 to 3 minutesBarbecuehigh heat
SkewerPig6 mnbarbecuePer side
SkewerChicken5 to 8 minutesbarbecueMedium heat
SkewerRognon Lapin5 to 8 minutesbarbecueMedium heat
SkewerSalmon12 mnFour180°
SkewerThon18 mnFour180°
Cod cooking time
CodCod brandade15 to 16 minutesfour180°
CodRoast15 to 16 minutesfour180°
CodLow temperature45 mnfour120°
CodStove3 to 4 minutesstoveeach face
CodSteam8 to 10 minutespressure cookera little water
Quail cooking time
QuailRoast25 to 30 minutesBarbecueHigh heat
QuailRoast30 mnfour180°
QuailGrilled35 mnstovemedium heat
QuailBraised45 mnfour180°
Calamard cooking time
calamardGate3 to 4 minutesBarbecueHigh heat
calamardMake us20 to 25 minutesstoveMedium heat
calamardTomato10 to 15 minutesstoveMedium heat
Camembert cooking time
CamembertRoast8 to 10 minutesBarbecueAluminum wrapped
CamembertRoast60 sMicro wheretest the power
CamembertRoast30 mnFour200°
Duck cooking time
DuckDuck breast15 to 18 minutes on timestovehigh heat
DuckDuck breast12 to 15 min roséstovehigh heat
DuckDuck breast20 mn roséfour220°
DuckDuck breast25 minutes at the right timefour220°
Duckwhole duck22 mn per 450 grfour160°
Duckwhole duck30 min per 450 grfour180°
Cooking time for cannelloni
CannellonisCannelloni with meat120 mnFour150°
CannellonisCannellonis with fish30 mnFour180°
Cannelé cooking time
FlutedSavory cannelés40 to 45 minutesFour180°
FlutedLarge Bordelais Cannelés50 mnFour200°
FlutedMini Bordelais cannelés45 mnFour170°
Carrot cooking time
CarrotsCarrots06 mnpressure cookersteam
CarrotsCarrots in water20 mncasseroleimmersion
CarrotsSeared carrots15 to 20 minutesin the pana little butter
Celery cooking time
CeleryCelery06 mnpressure cookersteam
CeleryCelery10 mnpressure cookerimmersion
CeleryCelery15 to 20 minuteswaterimmersion
CeleryCelery20 mnstovea little oil
Cooking time of chestnuts
Chestnutwater chestnuts45 mncold water startmedium heat
Chestnutbaked chestnuts30 mnfour190°
Chestnutroasted chestnuts20 mnPierced panhigh heat
Mushroom cooking time
MushroomsMushrooms01 mnpressure cookerminced
MushroomsMushrooms1 mn 30pressure cookerwhole
MushroomsMushrooms20 mnFour160°
MushroomsMushrooms4 to 5 minutesstovecut in 4
Green cabbage cooking time
Green cabbageGreen cabbage06 mnpressure cookerminced
Green cabbageGreen cabbage25 mnin salt waterminced
Brussels sprouts cooking time
Brussels sproutsBrussels sprouts07 mnpressure cookercut off
Brussels sproutsBrussels sprouts20 mncasseroleimmersion
Cauliflower cooking time
CauliflowerCauliflower03 mnpressure cookerin floret
CauliflowerCauliflower15 to 20 minutesin salt waterand feurette
Sauerkraut cooking time
SauerkrautSauerkraut3 hcast iron casserolelow heat
SauerkrautSauerkraut4 hFour180°
SauerkrautSauerkraut from the sea2:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.four160°
Cooking time for civets
CivetDeer Stew120 mnCast iron casserolelow heat
Civetyoung deer stew120 mnCast iron casserolelow heat
CivetCivet Rabbit90 mnCast iron casserolelow heat
Civetcivet de lotte60 mnCast iron casserolelow heat
Civethare stew120 mnCast iron casserolelow heat
Civetgoose stew2 to 3 p.m.Cast iron casserolelow heat
Civetwild boar stew2 to 3 p.m.four200°
Zucchini cooking time
ZucchiniZucchini06 mn 30pressure cookersteam
ZucchiniSteamed zucchini02 mnpressure cookerimmersion
ZucchiniZucchini15 mncasseroleimmersion
ZucchiniCourgettes four20 mnFourTrench
ZucchiniZucchini16 mnstoveolive oil
ZucchiniCourgettes Micro where7 to 10 minutesFilmedTrench
Knife cooking time
KnivesBarbecue knives3 to 5 minutesBarbecueHigh heat
KnivesPlancha knives2 to 5 minutesStop cooking as soon as the coloringhot plancha
KnivesPan-Seared Knives3 minutes hot butterBlanch 1 minHigh heat
KnivesSteam knives5 mnPressure cookerHigh heat
Creme brulee cooking time
Creme bruleePlain creme brulee30 mnFour220°
Cooking time Bream
Sea breambaked sea bream25 mnfour210°
Sea breamfillet bream3 to 4 minutesStovehigh heat
Sea breamsmall barbecue sea bream10 to 15 minutesBarbecuehigh heat
Sea breamBream In Salt Crust20 mnfour2O0°
Turkey Cooking Time
Turkeybaked turkey20 min per 500 gfour180°
Turkeystuffed baked turkey25 min per 500 gfour180°
Turkeyturkey 3 kg2 hours 30cast iron casserolemedium heat
Turkeyturkey leg 1 kg1 hour 15four180°
Turkeyturkey leg 1 kg1 hour 30cast iron casserolemedium heat
Turkeyblue cord7 to 10 minutesFour180°
Endive cooking time
EndivesEndives12 mnpressure cookerlow heat
EndivesBraised endive1 to 1 hour 30Saucepan + waterLow heat
EndivesEndives in water 45 mnVegetable casserole covered with waterlow heat
EndivesEndives cooked with ham30 mnFour180°
EndivesEndives in the microwave10 mnMicro whereEndives filmed
EndivesCaramelized endives90 mnStoveOlive oil
Spinach cooking time
SpinachSpinach05 mnpressure cookersteam
SpinachSpinach03 mnpressure cookerimmersion
SpinachPan-fried spinach02 to 4 minutesstoveHigh heat
Fennel cooking time
FennelFennel16 mnpressure cookersteam
FennelMicrowave fennel10 to 12mnMicro whereFilmed
FennelFennel60 mnStovecooking with water before
Bean cooking time
BeansBeans10 mnpressure cookersteam
BeansBlanched beans3 mnCasseroleimmersion
Beansfeves micro where5 mnfor 250g
Cooking time green beans
Flageolets vertFlageolets vert20 to 30 minutespressure cookerimmersion
Flageolets vertFlageolets in the microwave10 to 15 minutesMicro whereThen 15 to 20 minutes
Cooking time Green bean
BeanGreen bean15 mncasseroleimmersion
BeanBean pan15 mnstoveWet a little
BeanMicrowave green bean8 to 10 minutesMicro whereFilmed with a little water
BeanSteamed green bean08 mnpressure cookerlow heat
Cooking time Dry bean
Dry beanDry bean after soaking20 mnpressure cookerimmersion
Lobster cooking time
LobsterBarbecued Lobster8 to 10 minutesBarbecueWater regularly
LobsterBaked lobster10 to 12 minutesfour200°
LobsterLobster in stew5 mnstovehigh heat
Langoustines cooking time
LangoustinesBBQ langoustines3 to 4 minutesbarbecuehigh heat
LangoustinesLangoustines water3 to 4 minutesboiling watermedium heat
LangoustinesSteamed langoustines4 to 5 minutescasserolemedium heat
Langoustinesbaked langoustines08 mnfour190°
Monkfish cooking time
LotteMonkfish barbecue5 mnbarbecuemedium heat
LotteLotte papillotte25 mnfour180°
LotteLotte pool4 to 5 minutesPan-friedper side
LotteSteamed monkfish10 mnPressure cookermedium heat
Lentil cooking time
Lentilsgreen lentilsin 3 times volumes of watercold water outlet45 to 50 minutes
Lentilssteamed green lentils20 to 25 minutespressure cookerlow heat
Cooking time of chestnuts
ChestnutWater brown45 mncold water startmedium heat
Chestnutbaked chestnuts30 mnfour190°
ChestnutToasted chestnut20 mnPierced panhigh heat
Turnip cooking time
TurnipsBaked turnips35 mnFour180°r
TurnipsMicro craft where15 to 18 minutesmicro whereFilmed
TurnipsTurnips07 mnpressure cookersteam
TurnipsTurnips06 mnpressure cookerimmersion
Egg cooking time
Eggssoft-boiled3 mncasseroleboiling water
EggsScrambled10 to 12 minutescasseroleBain Marie
EggsHard10 mncasseroleboiling water
Eggscasserole5 mnfourbain-marie
EggsCalves5 mncasseroleboiling water
EggsPoached3 mncasseroleboiling water with vinegar
Eggsplace5 mnstoveon a fire
Quail egg cooking time
Eggssoft-boiled1.5 mncasseroleboiling water
EggsHard4 mncasserolesalted boiling water
Goose cooking time
gooseRoast goose30 mn par kilofour160°
Baby onion time
Small onionsSmall onions10 mnpressure cookerwhole
Peas time
PeasPeas01 to 3 minutespressure cookersteam
PeasPeas14 and 18 minutescasserolewater immersion
PeasFresh peas7 to 8 minutesMicro wherefilmed with a little water
Cooking time split peas
Split peasSplit peas14 mnpressure cookerimmersion
Split peasSplit peas40 mncasseroleimmersion
Chickpea cooking time
ChickpeaChickpea100 mncasserolelow heat
ChickpeaChickpea40 mnpressure cookerimmersion
Leek time
LeeksLeeks7 to 10 minutespressure cookerImmersion
LeeksLeeks10 to 18 minutesCasseroleimmersion
LeeksLeeks18 to 20 minutespressure cookersteam
Cooking time peppers
peppersPeppers07 mnpressure cookersteam
peppersBaked peppers20 mnFour240°
peppersMicrowave peppers15 to 18 minutesMicro whereFilmed
peppersPan-fried peppers15 mnStovecut into cubes
Potato cooking time
English potatoCover with salted waterfrom 18 to 20 mncasserolesimmering water
Potatowhole60 mnfour180°
Potatowhole stung6 to 8 minutesmicro wherefilmed
Potatoin a field dress30 mncasseroleboiling water
PotatoFries11 mndeep fryerlow heat
Potatosliced ​​gratin45 mnfour180°
Potatostir-friedafter cooking in water10 mnmedium heat
Potatosteam45 mnpressure cookermedium heat
Pork cooking time
Pigpork chop7 to 8 minutesbarbecueper side
Pigpork chop5 to 6 minutesstoveper side
PigBreaded pork cutlet4 to 5 minutesstoveper side
Pigpork filet mignon12 to 18 minutesbarbecueper side
Pigpork filet mignon26 to 30 minutesfourturn it over in the middle of cooking
PigWhole ham2 to 3 p.m.barbecuewater generously
PigHam slice3 to 6 minutesbarbecueper side
PigHam slice6 to 7 minutesstoveper side
PigShank90 mnFourwatered
PigRoast pork30 min per 500 gfour180°
Pigpork roll1 hour 30cast iron casserolehigh heat at the start
Pigpork roll30 minutes from pressurizationpressure cookeron medium heat
Pigpork roll2 hoursfour190°
PigRibs15 mnbarbecueper side
Chicken cooking time
ChickenChicken wing22 to 26 mnbarbecue10 minutes then return
ChickenChicken wing12 to 14 minutesfour180°
Chickenchicken breast3 to 4 minutesbarbecuePer side
ChickenCapon35 min per 500 gfour170°
ChickenChicken thigh20 to 22 minutesfour180°
ChickenChicken thigh9 to 12 minutesBarbecueturn over and watered
ChickenChicken thigh25 to 30 minutescasserolemedium heat
ChickenwholeAbout 60 minutescasserolecourt-bouillon
ChickenRoast chicken30 min per 500 gfour210°
Rice cooking time
RiceMilk rice20 to 25 minutesFour200°
RiceCamargue brown rice (brown)quivering 45 minutescasserolelow heat
RiceCamargue brown rice (black)quivering 45 minutescasserolelow heat
RiceCamargue brown rice (red)quivering 45 minutescasserolelow heat
RiceBrown rice (half) Camarguesimmering 30 minutescasserolelow heat
RiceSteamed Camargue Ricesimmering 20 mncasserolelow heat
RiceCreole ricequivering 18 mncasserolelow heat
RiceBlack Rice Veneratedquivering 18 mncasserolelow heat
RiceRice pilafquivering 16 mncasserolelow heat
RiceRice Sushis Gallosimmering 10 to 12 minutescasserolelow heat
RiceGallo tai jasmine ricequivering 12 mncasserolelow heat
Cooking time Kidney
BeefBeef kidney10 to 15 minutesStoveAdd the cream in another 10 minutes
LapinRabbit kidney5 mnStovecream before serving
pigPork kidney15 mnStoveFirst cooking rinse with water
calfveal kidney5 to 7 minutesStoveAdd the cream in another 10 minutes
calfveal kidney8 mnBarbecueon a skewer
calfVeal kidney aperitif5 mnStoveRosé kidney
Roast cooking time
BeefRosbiff15 to 20 minutesFour200°
TurkeyRotate 1 kg55 mnFour180°
PigRoast 1 kg to grill before60 mnFour110°
PigRotate 1 kg50 mnFour180°
Salsify cooking time
SalsifisSalsifis07 mnpressure cookersteam
Salmon cooking time
SalmonPaving stones12 mnfour200°
Salmonsalmon in court bouillon20 mnPoissonnièrelow heat
SalmonSalmon foil20 mnfour210°
Cuttlefish cooking time
Cuttlefishcuttlefish white5 to 7 minutesstovehigh heat
Veal cooking time
Calfveal stew90 mnCast iron casserole dishlow heat
Calfveal rib7 0 10 mnBarbecuelow heat
Calfrack of veal150 mnFourNo hot air
Calfcalf wheels50 to 60 minutesCast iron casserolelow heat
Calfcalf wheels45 to 60 minutesFourWater regularly

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