Wording  Amount  Ki  Kcal  Family 
 Apricot in syrup100 g26864Fruit
 Fresh apricot100 g17642Fruit
 Dried apricot100 g857205Fruit
 Absolut Vodka4 cl464111Alcohol
 Cooked brain lamb100 g652156Meat
 Lamb collar (navarin)100 g1046250Meat
  Roasted cooked shoulder lamb100 g1255300Meat
  Lamb liver100 g682163Meat
  Roast leg lamb100 g945226Meat
 Lamb kidney100 g18242Meat
  Haddock150 g445107Fish
  Fresh garlic100556133Vegetables
  Lingonberry100 g10525Fruit
  Almond100 g2409576Fruit
  Pineapple100 g7419Fruit
  Anchovy oil100 g670160Fish
 Andouille from Guéméné100 g998236Deli
  Andouille de vire100 g1000240Deli
  Troy Andouillette100 g1070256Deli
  Eel100 g1568375Fish
  Smoked eel100 g1275305Fish
  Anisette Marie Brizard4 cl29069Alcohol
  Laughing cow cube aperitif 8 cubes41 g535128Cheese
  Spider crab100 g39795fish
  Armagnac4 cl41499Alcohol
  Cooked artichoke100 g7518Vegetables
  Asparagus100 g7518Vegetables
  Eggplant100 g7518Vegetables
  Lawyer100 g581139Vegetables
  Baby beautiful40 g590141Dairy products
  Cooked smoked bacon100 g552132Deli
  Baguette bread100 g1132271Bakery
  Balisto red fruit unit41 g891213Confectionery
  Balisto milk honey unit41 g920220Confectionery
  Balisto hazelnut unit41 g933223Confectionery
  Banana100 g558134Fruit
  Bar150 g696167Fish
Brill150 g734176Fish
Kinder bar unit13 g28969Confectionery
Batavia100 g10525Vegetables
Boudrette150 g439105Fish
Beaufort40 g671160Dairy
Donut100 g1635391Bakery
Belon oysters a dozen1233580Fish
Benedictine4 cl635128Alcohol
Cooked chard100 g7117Vegetables
Beetroot100 g15436Vegetables
Butter100 g3145752Dairy
Peanut butter100 g2534606Dairy
Half-salt butter100 g3103742Dairy
DOE100 g485116meat
Beer25 cl638153Alcohol
Rusk100 g1623388Bakery
Biscuit In The SpoonUnity10525Bakery
Small butter cookieUnity12831Bakery
Bison100 g460110Meat
Veal stew100 g585140Meat
Wheat germ100 g1355324Bakery
Blue40 g572137Cheese
Grilled beef steak100 g619148Meat
Beef bourguignon100 g824167Meat
Rib Beef100 g1087260Meat
Beef Entrecote100 g849203Meat
Rib eye beef100 g752180Meat
Beef tenderloin100 g752180Meat
Beef liver100 g567136Meat
Beef gite100 g1254300Meat
Beef tongue100 g597143Meat
Scotter beef100 g1012242Meat
Beef tab100 g938224Meat
Beef pot au feu100 g1004240Meat
Boiled tail beef100 g820196Meat
Roast beef100 g623149Meat
Beef tournedos100 g836200Meat
Braised beef100 g970232Meat
White sausage100 g1012242Deli
Black pudding100 g1715410Deli
Boudoir10 g14835Bakery
Bounty Ice Cream Bar100 g1603383Confectionery
Bounty March 1 piece57 g1146274Confectionery
Bourbon4 cl462112Alcohol
Boursault40 g594142Cheese
Pepper Boursin40 g692165Cheese
Brandy4 cl451158Alcohol
Brie40 cl552132Cheese
Brioche100 g1715410Bakery
Baked pike150 g590141Drink
Broccoli100 g8420Vegetables
Nectarine100 g19246Fruits
Whelk or whelk100 g37289Fish
Cod150 g502138Fish
Peanut100 g2413577Fruit
Quail100 g673161Meat
Industrial cake100 g1547370Bakery
Squid150 g521125Fish
Calvados4 cl418100Alcohol
Camembert 45%40 g473113Cheese
Campari4 cl278Alcohol
Roast duck100 g795190Meat
Cantal40 g614147Cheese
Caramel100 g1706408Confectionery
Cardon100 g5413Vegetables
Carrot100 g13031Vegetables
Carp100 g498119Fish
Eastern Square40 g525126Cheese
Fresh square40 g35080Cheese
Carrelet100 g393101Fish
Cassis100 g20950Fruit
Canned cassoulet100 g648155Preserves
Caviar100 g1255300Preserves
Eggplant caviar100 g832199Vegetables
Celery root100 g7518Vegetables
Celery heart100 g8420Vegetables
Celery branch100 g4611Vegetables
Celery remoulade100 g1158277Vegetables
Porcini100 g11728Vegetables
Stag100 g465171Meat
Chervil100 g17642Vegetables
Cherry100 g28067Fruits
Cervelas100 g1276305Deli
Sausage100 g1355324Deli
Champagne10 cl29370Alcohol
Raw mushroom100 g6315Vegetables
Chanterelle100 g5012Vegetables
Chaource40 g488117Cheese
Breadcrumbs100 g1595382Bakery
Chartreuse4 cl535128Alcohol
Chestnut100 g728114Fruits
Cheddar40 g679162Cheese
Cherry4 cl452108Alcohol
Horse100 g531127Meat
Fresh goat40 g13232Cheese
Semi-dry goat cheese40 g547131cheeses
Dry goat40 g778186Cheese
Kid100 g670160Meat
Roe deer100 g720174meat
Chipolata100 g1430342Deli
Chips100 g2179521Preserves
Chewable chocolate100 g2158516Confectionery
Milk chocolate100 g2262541Confectionery
White chocolate100 g2283546Confectionery
Chocolate Crunch100 g2169519Confectionery
Hazelnut milk chocolate100 g2346561Confectionery
Nestlé dark chocolate100 g2291548Confectionery
Chocolate pastry100 g2035486Confectionery
Dry chorizo100 g2087499Deli
Raw cauliflower100 g8821Vegetables
Turnip cabbage100 g14234Vegetables
Kohlrabi100 g17240Vegetables
Brussels sprouts100 g11728Vegetables
Raw red cabbage100 g9623Vegetables
Green cabbage100 g5914Vegetables
Sauerkraut100 g6315Preserves
Sauerkraut100 g560134Preserves
Chouquette100 g1786427Bakery
Chive100 g10525Vegetables
Cider15 cl19447Alcohol
Sweet cider15 cl22053Alcohol
Cinzano White4 cl18644Alcohol
Lemon100 g10926Vegetables
Pumpkin100 g12530Vegetables
Coca Cola15 cl28067Drink
Coca cola ligth15 cl153Drink
Fresh coconut100 g1476353Fruit
Dry coconut100 g2480593fruit
Heart of palm preserves100 g18444Preserves
Cognac4 cl464111Alcohol
Quince100 g11327Fruit
Cointreau4 cl464111Alcohol
Alaska pollock (saithe)100 g32678Fish
Stewed without sugar100 g24057Preserves
Compote with sugar100 g31876Preserves
County40 g667160Cheese
Cucumber100 g4611Vegetables
Conger150 g690165Fish
Coppa100 g1213290Deli
Cockerel100 g625150Meats
Scallop shell100 g32277Fish
Pickled gherkin100 g6716Preserves
Coulommiers40 g1288308Cheese
Squash100 g8821Vegetables
Courgette100 g5413Vegetables
Canned crab100 g40697Preserves
Cramberrie100 g20440Fruit
Custard100 g514123Preserves
Cassis40 cl502120Alcohol
Gruyere cream40 g39996Cheese
Raw milk cream100 g1338320Cheese
Light fresh cream100 g853204Cheese
Cress100 g5012Vegetables
Shrimp100 g41098Fish
Croissant100 g1715410Bakery
Crottin de Chavignol 40 g654157Cheese
Blue Curacao4 cl452108Alcohol
Danette Danone100 g572136Dairy
Dry date100 g1163278Fruit
Turkey100 g456109Meat
 Dragees100 g2346560Confectionery
Water of life4 cl39394Alcohol
Shallot100 g31475Vegetables
Flash100 g1004240Bakery
Crayfish100 g26864Fish
Edam40 g547131Cheese
Haddock150 g470122Fish
Fried breaded haddock150 g1112267Fish
Emmental40 g632151Cheese
Squid150 g542137Fish
Endive100 g174Vegetables
Smelt150 g645138Fish
Spinach100 g7117Vegetables
Burgundy snail with butter6 units979234Preserves
Swordfish150 g725167Fish
Sturgeon150 g756198Fish
Pheasant100 g856225Meat
Faisselle Charles Gervais100 g36287Cheese
Lemon Fanta15 cl30172Drink
Fanta orange15 cl36188Drink
Pork stuffing100 g807193Meat
White flour100 g1447346Food
Corn flour100 g1522364Food
Soy flour100 g1593381Food
Cornstarch100 g1522364Food
Fennel100 g6716Vegetables
Feta cheese100 g1112266Cheese
Cooked broad bean100 g24358Vegetables
Prickly pear100 g19747Fruits
Fresh figs100 g26864Fruits
Dried figs100 g999239Fruits
Dab fillet150 g37994Fish
Fine champagne4 cl464111Alcohol
Halibut150 g564136Fish
Foie gras40 g749179Deli
Strawberries100 g14234Fruits
Raspberries100 g15136Fruits
Meat-loving100 g1351323Charcuterie
Cheese treat100 g1430342Deli
Home fries100 g1424368Vegetables
White cheese 0% Unit jar118444Cheese
Cottage cheese 20% Unit jar133580Cheese
Cottage cheese 40% Unit jar1485116Cheese
Headcheese100 g861206Deli
Candied fruit100 g1589380Fruits
Galantine100 g1033247Deli
Galette des rois 100 g100 g2083496Bakery
Gambas100 g41098Fish
Plain wafer100 g1539368Bakery
Gelatin 1 sheet1 g143Preserves
Gin4 cl37385Alcohol
Fresh ginger100 g25561Vegetables
Grounded ginger100 g1347322Vegetables
Girolle100 g11728Vegetables
Chewing gum100 g1602383Confectionery
Gouda40 g579138Cheese
Gougères100 g1146274Bakery
Stud150 g38993Fish
Goose grease100 g3747896Meat
Grenade100 g25160Fruits
Thigh frog100 g28468Fish
Thrush100 g502120Meat
Gurnard150 g594142Fish
Currant100 g11728Fruits
Grated cheese100 g1581378Cheese
Marshmallow100 g1589380Confectionery
Haddock150 g974233Fish
Hamburger100 G1062254Meat
 Herring150 g1255300 Fish
Smoked herring150 g1317315Fish
Canned butter bean100 g7919Preserves
Canned white bean100 g39394Preserves
Canned flageolet beans100 g31475Preserves
Green bean100 g10024Vegetables
Canned green bean100 g79 19Preserves
Holland40 g579138Cheese
Lobster100 g40196Fish
Peanut oil, Rapeseed, Corn, Walnuts, olive …100 g3760899Preserves
Oyster100 g28468Fish
Ham100 g953228Deli
DD cooked ham100 g510122Deli
York cooked ham100 g539129Deli
Ham100 g945148Deli
Vegetable gardener100 g28077Vegetables
Egg yolk100 g1464350Preserves
Jockey Danone 10%100 g25962Cheese
Jockey Danone 20%100 g32277Cheese
Jockey Danone 40%100 g485116Cheese
Ketchup100 g477114Preserves
Kir10 cl33580Alcohol
Kirsch4 cl468112Alcohol
Kiwi100 g19747Fruit
UHT semi-skimmed milk100 ml19246Cheese
UHT skimmed milk100 ml14234Cheese
Whole milk100 ml26363Cheese
raw lettuce100 g5012Vegetables
Cooked lettuce100 g4611Vegetables
coconut milk100 g210Preserves
Lobster100 g37289Fish
Langoustine150 g565135Fish
Rabbit150 g779186Meat
Raw bacon100 g2802670Meat
Smoked bacon100 g2802670Meat
Fresh lean bacon100 g2405280Meat
Dried lentils100 g1317315Vegetables
Baking powder100 g1100263Bakery
Baker’s yeast100 g33580Bakery
Litchi100 g28468Fruits
Saithe100 g25962Fish
Hare140 g585140Meat
Dab100 g33079fish
Lion Nestlé100 g2047488Confectionery
Liqueur4 cl37389Alcohol
Monkfish100 g32678Fish
macaroon100 g1894453Confectionery
Fruit macedonia in canned syrup100 g24759Preserves
Vegetable Macedonia100 g30172Vegetables
Canned vegetable macedonia100 g18845Preserves
Chewed up100 g7919Vegetables
Madeleine100 g1618387Bakery
Madeira4 cl19747Alcohol
Duck breast100 g837200Meat
Corn (cobs)100 g406109Vegetables
But sweet preserve100 g40697Preserves
Cornflour100 g1464354Food
Mandarin100 g18444Fruit
Mango100 g23456Fruit
Cassava (cooked semolina)100 g439105Food
Mackerel100 g535128Fish
Mackerel Filet in white wine100 g870208Preserves
Smoked Mackerel100 g1238296Fish
Marc4 cl500120Alcohol
Wild boar100 g437104Meat
Margarine100 g3111744Cheese
Light margarine100 g1581378Cheese
Maroilles40 g565135Cheese
Chestnut100 g728174fruit
Cream brown100 g1246298Preserves
Mars unit58 g1112266Confectionery
Martini4 cl27464Alcohol
Mayonnaise100 g2969710Preserves
Relieved mayonnaise100 g1648394Preserves
Melon100 g14234Fruit
Merguez100 g1255300meat
Meringue100 g1648394Bakery
Whiting150 g38592Fish
Hake150 g489117Fish
Honey100 g1296310Preserves
Thousand sheets100 g1188284Bakery
Mirabelle100 g21752Fruit
Mirabelle brandy4 cl522125Alcohol
Morbier40 g580139cheese
Morel100 g15832Vegetables
Mortadella100 g1351323Deli
Cod150 g495118Fish
Mussels100 g493118Fish
Chocolate mousse100 g1861445Preserves
Duck mousse100 g1630390Deli
Liver mousse100 g1751410Deli
Fish mousse100 g774185Fish
Mousseron100 g117101Vegetables
Mustard100 g556133Preserves
Mutton ribs100 g1170280Meat
Mutton leg100 g940225Meat
Mechoui sheep100 g1690404Meat
Sheep kidney100 g615147Meat
Mozzarella100 g1388332Cheese
Munster40 g557133Cheese
Ripe100 g13833Fruits
Muscat15 cl1004240Alcohol
Pork snout100 g1430342Deli
Blueberries100 g22253Fruit
Turnip100 g6315Vegetable
Nectarine100 g19246Fruit
Hazelnut100 g2702646Fruit
Nuts100 g2819674Fruit
Coconut100 g1552371Fruit
Coconut milk100 ml882211Fruit
Nougat100 g1790428Confectionery
Nutella100 g2227533Confectionery
Nuts hazelnuts Nestlé100 g2043449Confectionery
Duck egg30 g25661Meat
Chicken egg50 g33580Meat
Lumpfish egg100 g485116Preserves
Lump egg100 g941225Preserves
Hard egg50 g30572Meat
Roasted meat goose100 g1146274Meat
Onion100 g14234Vegetables
Black olive brine100 g1225293Preserves
Brine green olive100 g493118Preserves
Orange100 g17542Fruit
Orangina15 cl29771Drink
Raw sorrel100 g10024Vegetables
Paella100 g644154Preserves
Twine bread150 g1700407Bakery
Chocolate bread100 g1702407Bakery
Milk bread100 g842201Bakery
Raisin bread100 g1359325Bakery
Whole wheat bread100 g979234Bakery
Gingerbread100 g1326317Bakery
Country bread100 g1092261Bakery
soft bread100 g1150275Bakery
Rye bread100 g991237Bakery
Bran bread100 g1070260Bakery
Bread without salt100 g1100263Bakery
Heart palm100 g23456Preserves
Grapefruit100 g13030Fruit
Papaya100 g13432Fruit
Parmesan cheese40 g637152Cheese
Watermelon100 g12530Fruit
Pastis4 cl1112266Alcohol
Yam100 g422101Vegetables
Almond paste100 g1878449Bakery
Baked shortcrust pastry100 g2204527Bakery
Puff pastry100 g2363565Bakery
Egg pasta100 g519124Preserves
Trough pavers40 g502120Cheese
Peach100 g17141fruit
Pepsi cola15 cl27666Drink
Partridge100 g481115meat
Pernod4 cl418100Alcohol
Fresh parsley100 g11327Vegetables
Little Swiss Gervais100 g577138Cheese
Pea100 g30573Preserves
Small salty100 g1380330Meat
Picon7 cl30974Alcohol
Pigeon120 g879156Meat
Guinea fowl 100 g631151Meat
Dandelion100 g16339Vegetables
Pistachio100 g2702746Fruit
Pear100 g20959Fruit
Pear brandy4 cl753180Alcohol
Leeks100 g8821Vegetables
Split peas100 g460110Vegetables
Chickpea100 g565135Vegetables
Smoked pork belly100 g1271304Meat
Salted pork belly100 g1255300Meat
Yellow pepper100 g10525Vegetables
Red bell pepper100 g10926Vegetables
Green pepper100 g6716Vegetables
polenta100 g460113Preserves
Apple100 g20549Fruit
Potato100 g33981Vegetables
Bishop’s Bridge40 g402120Cheese
Salted popcorn100 g2024484Preserves
sweet popcorn1631100 g1631390Preserves
Square pork100 g1234231Meat
Grilled pork chop100 g1033247Meat
Roasted pork loin100 g1016243Meat
Pork tenderloin100 g661158Meat
Smoked bacon pork100 g2802670Meat
Pig foot100 g1430342meat
Pork kidney100 g38993Meat
Roast pork100 g1627389Meat
Port7 cl33540Alcohol
White port7 cl728162Alcohol
Pot au feu100 g581139Meat
Pumpkin100 g12530Vegetables
Boiled chicken140 g1756420Meat
Octopus100 g31475Fish
Dry prune100 g682163Fruit
Pyrenees40 g594142Cheese
Raclette100 g14493357Cheese
Radish100 g6315Vegetable
Black radish100 g23857Vegetable
Ray100 g14336Fish
Fresh horseradish100 g20148Cheese
Grape100 g28869Fruit
Raisin100 g1221267Fruit
Rascase100 g37289Fish
Reblochon40 g517124Cheese
Fresh rhubarb100 g4210Fruit
Rum4 cl39194Alcohol
White rum4 cl435104Alcohol
Ricard4 cl544130Alcohol
Goose rillettes100 g1940464Deli
Pork rillettes100 g1819435Deli
Salmon Rillettes100 g592140Fish
White rice100 g498115Preserves
Complete rice100 g493118Preserves
Roquefort40 g619148Cheese
Sand100 g2020483Bakery
Holy nectar40 g570136Cheese
Saint Paulain40 g498119Cheese
Holy Moor40 g580139Cheese
Salamis100 g1920459Deli
Salsify100 g14234Vegetables
Pike perch100 g468102Fish
Barbecue sauce100 g29771Sauce
Bearnaise sauce100 g2597621Sauce
Béchamel sauce100 g473113Sauce
Soya sauce100 g25358Sauce
Hollandaise Sauces100 g1292309Sauce
Mayonnaise sauce100 g2969710Sauce
Mormay sauce100 g431103Sauce
Tomato sauce100 g30172Sauce
Tomato sauce with meat100 g481115Sauce
Olive oil vinaigrette sauce100 g2726659Sauce
Cocktail Sausage100 g1288308Deli
Frankfort sausage100 g1259301Deli
Montbéliard sausage100 g1409337Deli
Morteau sausage100 g1338320Deli
Strasbourg sausage100 g1271304Deli
Toulouse sausage100 g1447346Deli
Garlic sausage100 g1317315Deli
Dry sausage100 g1773424deli
Salmon100 g711170Fish
Smoked salmon100 g769184Fish
Salmonette100 g22462Fish
Scampi100 g37690fish
Schnapps4 cl468112Alcohol
Cuttlefish100 g30172Fish
Stools on expensive40 cl544130Cheese
Sesame seed100 g2359564Vegetables
Sole100 g32678Fish
Steak tartare100 g670160meat
Ground steak 5%100 g539129Meat
Ground steak 10%100 g719172Meat
Ground steak 15%100 g853204Meat
Ground steak 20%100 g1054252Meat
White sugar100 g1648394Preserves
Brown sugar100 g1606384Preserves
Surimi100 g38993Fish
Suze4 cl18644Alcohol
Tench100 g31475fish
Fresh tuna100 g623149Fish
Red tuna100 g573137Fish
Tomato100 g7919Vegetables
Tome40 g537128cheese
Truffle100 g38592Vegetables
Trout100 g452108Fish
Laughing cow40 g600135Cheese
Vacherin40 g537128Cheese
Blanquette veal140 g1012242Meat
Square calf140 g999239Meat
Veal Rib to grill140 g1376329Meat
Veal shoulder roasting140 g1430342Meat
Veal cutlet100 g631151Meat
Veal tenderloin100 g669160Meat
Calf liver100 g669160Meat
Pan-fried walnut veal140 g861206Meat
Sweetbread veal100 g523125Meat
veal kidney100 g725165Meat
Vermouth4 cl22854Alcohol
11 ° white wine15 cl439105Alcohol
Red wine 9 °15 cl33981Alcohol
10 ° red wine15 cl36487Alcohol
Red wine 11 °15 cl39595Alcohol
12 ° red wine15 cl433104Alcohol
Vinegar100 g10024Alcohol
Vodka4 cl39194Alcohol
Whiskey4 cl499119Alcohol
Flavored yogurt125 g450108Cheese
low fat yogurt125 g23055Cheese
natural yogurt125 g26163Cheese
Sweetened plain yoghurt125 g418100Cheese

Source of documentation “the great book of thinness” FIRST Edition

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