Mélanie and Stéphane’s wedding


The chalet de la Serra

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and left on Monday afternoon, more than 100 people slept there.

The chalet de la Serra in Lamoura

The married ones

The table plan

Tables under the marquee

The name of the tables, we do not laugh with the rock of Stéphane:

Deep Purple Table
Guns N ‘Roses table
Led Zeppelin table
Desire black table
Pantera table
Rolling Stone Table
Slayer table
TableRed Hot Chili Peppers

Each table has a Personalized decoration.

Well done Mélanie and Jessica


The menu

Bravo Mélanie and Jessica and Colette for these beautiful tables

Thanks to Hélène for all the ribbons on the glass verrines


50 liters of champagne soup
12 bottles of Crémant du Jura
plus the beer that flowed freely throughout the aperitif


The accompaniment for the aperitif

Puff pastry

100 wild garlic puffs80 Tomato and Emmental (BEL)106 Andouille mustard100 Chorizo palmAnchovy tapenadeBacon fresh cheesePepper tomatoGoat cheeseRoquefortChorizo tartletSmoked trout

100 wild garlic puffs

80 Tomato and Emmental Puff Pastry (soon online)

106 Andouille mustard and onion tarts (online soon)

100 Black Olive and Anchovy Tapenade Puff Pastry (soon online)

80 Smoked Trout Puff Pastry

100 Palmiers au Roquefort (soon online)

80 goat cheese and tomato puff pastry (soon online)

110 chorizo puffs

120 Cocktail sausage puffs

80 Tomato and Pepper Puff Pastry (coming soon)

80 fine herb puffs (coming soon)


The Tapenades

HumusRed hummusHummus and tahiniTapenade with green olivesDried tomato tapenadeBlack olive tapenade

1.500 kg of dried tomato tapenade

1.500 kg of Tapenade with green olives

1.500 kg of black olive tapenade

2 kg Hummus (soon online)

1 kg Hummus and Tahini (soon online)

2 kg Red hummus (soon online)



The appetizer buffet

View of the buffet

The buffetThe buffetThe buffet

Salted panna cotta

Bleu de Bresse cheese and raw hamComté and Morteau sausageChorizoCancoillotte sausage MontbéliardPeaMaroiles and chicorySpinachSaint Augur and ParmesanLaughing Cow and Morteau


25 verrines of chorizo panna cotta

25 verrines of panna cotta with peas

25 Comté and Morteau sausage verrines (online soon)

25 verrines of panna cotta cancoillotte and Montbéliard sausage

25 verrines of Bresse blue panna cotta and raw ham (online soon)

25 panna cotta Maroiles and chicory verrines (online soon).

20 Panna cotta and spinach verrines

20 Saint Agur panna cotta verrines

20 Laughing Cow and Morteau verrines (soon online)


Vegetable verrines

Quinoa verrines with smoked troutwild salmon and potato verrinescarrot stick verrineschickpea verrinestomato and feta verrinesLebanese Tabbouleh verrines

25 Lebanese Tabbouleh verrines (soon online)

25 wild salmon and potato verrines (online soon)

25 tomato and feta verrines (online soon)

25 chickpea verrines (online soon)

25 carrot sticks verrines (online soon)

25 verrines of quinoa with smoked trout (online soon)


The Franc Comtois hole

Mirabelle ice cream soup with yellow wine with mac vin


Father Kiki’s ham (online soon)
3 hams stuffed with Comté and pricked with smoked pork tenderloins, cut in the dining room.
30 kg of beetroot clafoutis with Comté cheese

4 kg of Mesclun salad

Cheese around our regions

1,100 kg of Maroilles (arrived directly from the north)
0.800 kg of Vieux Lille (arrived directly from the north)
2 large Mont d’or (directly from the cheese factory in Les Rousses)
3 Avesnes meatballs (arrived directly from the north)
2 kg of Comté (directly from the cheese factory in Les Rousses)
1 kg of Morbier (directly from the cheese factory in Les Rousses)
0.500 kg of cancoillotte made by Kiki

Home cooking bread:

(soon online)

It was cooked on Saturday afternoon
48 mini loaves of cereal bread
48 mini loaves of nut bread
36 mini loaves of bread with Comté and bacon
46 plain mini loaves
36 mini loaves of country bread
24 mini loaves of bacon
48 mini corn loaves

25 long baguettes for toast

The desserts

A big technical problem with the photos of the dessert buffet, I hope I can present some to you later.

passion fruit panna cottapanna cotta with sour cherriesBlueberry panna cotta verrineParis Brest,Meringue lemonraspberry panna cottalime panna cottachocolate verrinesTiramisusTarte tatinPanna cotta strawberriesCreme brulee

25 verrines of panna cotta with Nutella No photo for the moment, (online soon)
25 verrines of charlotte with raspberries No photo for the moment, (online soon)

25 Verrine of panna cotta with blueberries, (online soon)

40 crèmes brulees, (soon online)

25 chocolate verrines, (soon online)

20 Lime panna cotta verrines, (online soon)

25 Paris Brest, (soon online)

25 verrines of panna cotta with passion fruit, (online soon)

25 verrines of raspberry panna cotta, (online soon)

25 verrines of panna cotta with sour cherry, (online soon)

25 lemon meringue glasses

25 apple verrines tart Tatin style

30 tiramisu glasses


To accompany the coffee

The candiesmeringuesNut financiersCookiesChocolate cookies

120 chocolate cookies

100 cookies

100 financiers with caramelized nuts

150 meringues

8 kg of assorted Haribo sweets

The drinks

30 bottles of reds drunk before the wedding Thursday and Friday Saturday noon
50 bottles of white during the three days.
80 liters of beers (Blanche Rousse and Brown)
During the wedding
34 bottles of red
20 bottles of coconut
24 bottles of sparkling water
½ liter of local drop


Brunch the next day

50 fried eggs



Mushrooms in vinegarGarlic confitSmall vinegar onionsCherry tomatoes in vinegar

2 jars of cherry tomatoes and pickled rosemary

1 jar of onions and tarragon in vinegar

1 jar of sheep’s feet in vinegar No photo

1 jar of candied garlic

1 jar of Paris mushrooms in vinegar



Parisian briocheBlack olive cakeLime cakeAll chocolate cakeMorteau and green olive cake

2 chocolate cakes and chocolate river

2 Four quart with lemon

2 olive and feta cakes (online soon)

2 Morteau and green olives cake (online soon)

3.100 kg of duck and foie gras terrine (soon online) No photo for the moment

1.800 kg of terrine de garenne with cognac (soon online)

2 plain Parisian brioches


The terrines

Duck terrine photo to changeCountry pâtéGarenne terrine


1,400 kg of country terrine (soon online)

2.800 kg Duck terrines (soon online, phot must canger)

1,900 kg of wild terrine
12 fruit yogurts
12 white cheeses in faisselle
1 kg of Swiss double cream
0.800 kg of raw ham
0.800 kg of sliced dry sausage
4 Morteau sausages
4 kg of Comté ham

The rest of the cheeses from the day before


Home cooking bread:

It was cooked on Sunday morning
30 mini cereal breads
30 mini nut breads
15 mini breads with Comté and bacon
46 plain mini breads
30 mini country breads
24 loaves of bacon
30 mini corn breads


Thanks to the little hands, without them nothing could have existed


Thanks to Marcelle for peeling the onions, shallots and garlic.
Thanks to Nono for the cutting of the Hams in the dining room (with my jacket)
Thanks to Georges from the building for the long hours spent diving.
Thanks to Amira for the long hours spent diving.
Thanks to Nicolas for cleaning the room early on Sunday morning.
Thank you to Alain for having rid of all the empty bottles, before the bride and groom got up.
thank you to Philippe for his hard morning diving on Monday, reminding him of his apprenticeship.
Thanks to Thierry for cleaning the bottom of my kitchen, reminding him of his apprenticeship.
Thanks to Pauline for the taost with the tapenades.
Thanks to Abdel for the preparation of the Franc Comtois holes.
And all the others who have come during those four days.
And sorry for those I could have forgotten.
No thanks for the dj, who doesn’t deserve our attention

Thanks to the extras who stood out during these four days

Thanks to Julie for having beautified all our women (well, other people’s wives)
Thanks to Alain (so handsome as a sacristan) and Martine
Thanks to Gilles (the dwarf) and delicious Irène in blue white red

Meals prepared by home cooking Thursday, Friday and Saturday noon

Veal tagineFeta quicheChicken lasagnaPork tagineParisian brioche

Pork curry with pineapple

Homemade chicken lasagna

Feta and tomato quiche (online soon)

Veal tagine with candied lemons

3 Parisian brioches

2 chocolate chip brioches (coming soon)

14 apple pies


Some numbers

25 kg of flour type 55
5 kg of wholemeal flour
5 kg of flour with cereals
12 kg of flour type 45
45 puff pastry rolls
24 liters of liquid cream
140 eggs
6,500 kg of county
1 kg of garlic
10 kg of beetroot
10 kg of potato
10 kg of salad
1.500 gr of yeast
1 kg of almond sticks
1 kg of whole hazelnuts
0.500 kg of pine nuts
0.500 kg of »white sesame
1 kg of walnuts
1,500 kg of foie gras
1 kg of raspberry fruit puree
1 kg of passion fruit puree
1 kg of lime fruit puree
1 kg of sour cherry fruit puree
1 kg of blueberry fruit puree

2.500 kg of Mirabelle yellow wine ice cream </p

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