Naturopathy, dietetics and health

Naturopathy, dietetics and health

But what is health? Still according to the WHO, “ Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being , and does not consist only of the absence of disease or infirmity”. But today, who can say that he or she is in complete physical, mental and social well-being? Very few people… Especially not those who live at the frenetic pace of today’s society which always asks for more…

Naturopathy therefore aims to optimize the state of health . The naturopath welcomes her consultant in a setting she wants warm. They spend between 1 to 2 hours together when they first meet. Indeed, she must first listen to him at length, list his family history, his illnesses, his treatments … in order to be able to support him and give him personalized advice .

The human body is made up of approximately 20 trillion cells which govern the functions of organs. It is therefore logical that the slightest dysfunction of a cell has a consequence on the biochemical reactions of these, therefore generates functional, metabolic or even organic disorders if the ground is not corrected. Naturopathy therefore aims to properly nourish cells in order to avoid cellular metabolic overloads or “tissue clogging” or, on the contrary, deficiencies . It is not a matter of diet, but of hygienic-dietetic advice aimed at a healthy diet adapted to the person and his lifestyle. I know this word is scary because most overweight people are forced into drastic diets, which will never work because they are too restrictive, often inadequate and therefore frustrating. Each person is informed by their naturopath about the importance of their diet , which must be adapted, whether they are overweight, athletic, young, old … Our cells need nutrients to function, but be careful, lipids, carbohydrates and proteins , as well as vitamins, minerals and trace elements of quality, assimilable and in adequate quantity . It must be adapted to his antecedents, his own physical condition, his age, his state of health, his deficiencies or his overloads and of course take into account his medication, if he is under allopathic treatment. Who is deficient today? So many people… Why? Because modern food is itself deficient !!! Soils impoverished by the intensity of agriculture, foods not recognized by the human body and toxic because they are genetically modified, systematically treated, then denatured by refining, extraction, cooking … Less quantity but also quality are essential …

The Naturopath does not perform any medical diagnosis. The techniques and food supplements offered do not replace any medical treatment or psychological follow-up.

During your naturopathic consultation, I bring you hygienic-dietetic advice adapted to your field, your tastes and your lifestyle. The goal of naturopathy is to rebalance its ground in order to recover health.
If necessary, I recommend dietary supplements .
Finally, I have various techniques such as massage, light therapy, relaxation. The word “stress” is widely used today in this fast-paced society. Indeed, a real psychological stress exists, putting in danger this optimal state of health so much sought after.
– The massage relaxes the accumulated tensions and calms the mind.
Light therapy helps fight against seasonal depression, sleep disorders, confinement effects …
Relaxation brings well-being, relaxation, letting go.
– I can also combine these 3 techniques in order to enter a state of deep relaxation, to distance yourself from your problems, and to anchor a new, positive behavior.

So take charge of your health !!!

Replace toxic foods and thoughts, change your habits …

I will accompany you, at your own pace.


Thanks to Pascal for this sharing.


Hope to meet you.




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